Bland Lane

Bland Lane was an early supporter of nonsmokers’ rights for airline flight attendants and passengers, and one of the original class representatives in the class action lawsuit filed in 1991 that ultimately created FAMRI. Bland was selected in 1998 by Class Counsel, Stanley and Susan Rosenblatt, as a founding member of FAMRI’s Board of Trustees. Along with fellow non-smoking flight attendants who, too, endured the agony of working in smoke-filled cabins, Patty Young, Lani Blissard, and Leisa Sudderth, Bland was a committed member of FAMRI’s Board of Trustees. As an integral part of the Board she voted to fund research in some of the most outstanding research institutions in the world. Hopefully Bland’s efforts will help find a cure.

Bland was an extraordinary and accomplished woman, who struggled to lead an active and productive life, despite suffering from COPD that developed from working as a nonsmoking flight attendant for almost half a century in smoke-filled airline cabins. Bland passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in San Francisco, on February 15, 2007.

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