Awards History

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Types of Awards

Center of Excellence

This board-designated award is FAMRI’s Centerpiece for linking physicians and scientists from various disciplines into multidisciplinary programs in patient care and research. The Board of Trustees has placed a moratorium on these applications.

Clinical Innovators

This three-year award is to stimulate novel medical and clinical scientific research studies on the effects of exposure to tobacco smoke and to foster innovative breakthroughs as well as creative collaborations through these grants.Learn more about this $100,000 per year award. Indirect costs are provided.

Young Clinical Scientists

This multi-year award is to help prepare and support new clinical investigators, particularly research fellows and junior faculty members, to provide the bridge between the clinic and the laboratory for the critical translation of basic research findings into diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Fellow awards are for $75,000 per year; faculty level awards are for $100,000 per year plus indirect costs. Learn about eligibility.

Dr. William Cahan Distinguished Professors

This board-designated award is named for the late Dr. William Cahan, a surgeon at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for over 50 years, who was a pioneer in the national movement to fight the health hazards of tobacco and second hand smoke. The award is for three-years at $200,000 per year and is made in recognition of the recipients’ ongoing work in combating the diseases caused by exposure to second hand tobacco smoke. You may view synopses of past and present research by the Cahan professors in the 2010 compendium of FAMRI-supported research.

Bland Lane International Distinguished Professor

This board-designated award is named in Honor of Bland Lane, whose service as a class representative in the flight attendant class action against the tobacco industry and subsequently as a Trustee on the FAMRI Board, and her commitment to its mission, the Chairman of the Board and the Board of Trustees have established the Bland Lane International Distinguished Professor Award in recognition of Bland’s desire to fund excellent scientific research throughout the world. The Award recognizes the recipients’ valuable work in combating the diseases caused from exposure to tobacco smoke. The first recipient of this award is Dr. Lars Edvinsson of Lund University. A synopsis of his research can be found in the 2011 compendium of FAMRI-supported research.

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