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Attention! The Requests for Applications (RFAs) are now available. For detailed information, please download the below 2016-17 FAMRI RFAs for the CIA, YCSA Faculty, and YCSA Fellow Programs:

The research scope for 2016-17 is to support areas of investigation related to translational and clinical research as well as to have direct application to non-surgical and non-steroidal treatments and cures of sinusitis.

The specific topic for this award will be for an effective new treatment of sinusitis that is non-surgical and non-steroidal. FAMRI invites applications for preclinical or clinical studies to investigate optimal therapeutic strategies in sinusitis.

Grant Agreement

This year, FAMRI will NOT require submission of a Letter of Intent. However, eligibility for a FAMRI CIA or YCSA requires a signed statement from an authorized institutional official and by the potential applicant that they can accept the terms of FAMRI's non-negotiable, three-party Grant Agreement. A copy of the Grant Agreement for the CIA, YCSA Faculty, or YCSA Fellow Program can be downloaded here:

Statement of Acceptance Form

Approval of the FAMRI Grant Agreement is due by 5 PM, EDT, September 23, 2016. If you and your institution can comply with the terms of FAMRI's Grant Agreement, please sign the Statement of Acceptance form and email it to

You will be notified of your eligibility to submit a full application by September 23, 2016. This invitation will include a link for the full application submission site, as well as information on accessing the submission instructions. Potential applicants will need to follow the instructions provided for the CIA, YCSA Faculty, or YCSA Fellow Program.

Please note that an application will not be considered if you and your institution cannot comply with the terms of FAMRI's Grant Agreement.


Any questions regarding the 2016-17 FAMRI RFAs should be sent by e-mail to with the subject line FAMRI Peer Review 2016-17.

Thank you.

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