Grant Renewal

Only Young Clinical Scientist Awards are eligible for renewal. If you have a Clinical Innovator Award, you must submit a new application if you wish to continue your research. You may, however, request a no-cost extension by contacting the Executive Director of FAMRI, Elizabeth Kress at

All YCSA awards can be extended to a total of no more than five years. If a YCSA grantee is fellow when they receive their grant and becomes a faculty member within the first two years of their award, they will automatically be given faculty status and will be eligible to renew their award for two years in the third year of funding. If the PI remains at the fellowship level during the first 2 years of funding, they can request a renewal for 1 more year of funding. If the PI moves to the faculty level in this additional year of funding, the PI will be given the opportunity to renew the award for 2 more years. Situations in which the PI remains at the fellowship level over the entirety of the award are handled on a case-by-case basis. Renewal forms will be sent early March of the appropriate year and will be due late March. Grantees who are fellows should notify both FAMRI ( and AIBS ( of any change in status.

All YCSA grantees will be required to complete a progress report annually, unless they are submitting a renewal that year (see above).

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